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Welcome to Engineering Technology!

Engineering Technology is in the business of graduating problem solvers and decision makers for local, regional and national industry. Engineering Technology is designated as an Area of Excellence by the Louisiana Board of Regents. Our department has a long history in providing workforce training and supplying high quality graduates who empower the socio-economic development in the state of Louisiana.

Engineering Technology prepares graduates from Electronics Engineering Technology and Industrial Engineering Technology for entry into the high technology job market. Our students can choose between two Bachelor of Science degree programs:

Industrial Engineering Technology –  this program graduates individuals with the ability to problem solve, make decisions, communicate technical ideas, lead project teams, and possess strong organizational, leadership and supervisory skills.

Electronics Engineering Technology – this program has two concentrations:

  • Electronics Concentration – graduates from this concentration are equipped to enter the high technology job market that deals with overall area of electronics.
  • Biomedical Concentration – these graduates are prepared to excel in the expanding medical technology field that explores the interface between man and machines used in the healthcare facilities.

The Bachelor of Science degree programs in the Department of Engineering Technology  (B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology, EET, and B.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology, IET) are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Four-year Electronics Engineering Technology students learn how to analyze, build, test, operate, and maintain electrical systems. At NSU, we concentrate on control systems, communications systems, and microprocessor systems. Four-year students learn some electrical design and complete a senior design sequence prior to graduation. All courses in the associate degree count toward the baccalaureate degree.
Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) students learn to develop, implement, and improve integrated manufacturing systems that include materials, facilities, operations, personnel, costs, and information. They learn to use appropriate analytical and computational procedures to create efficient and effective integrated systems. This is the first and only IET program in Louisiana!
The two-year pre-engineering program consists primarily of mathematics and science courses (and a few social science and English courses) that are needed for an engineering degree. Students completing the pre-engineering program may transfer these credits to any engineering school in the State of Louisiana to which they have been admitted. The pre-engineering program does not culminate in a degree at NSU. Students must transfer to an engineering school to earn an engineering degree. Some students elect to change their major to one of NSUs degree-producing programs.
They are 18-hour undergraduate certificate programs, which are delivered online and face-to-face. They fulfill workforce need on effective decision-making in technical, manufacturing, and service providing industries.
Graduates of engineering technology programs at NSU seldom have difficulty finding a job upon graduation. Many employers remain in contact with the department faculty members. They often visit the department to meet with students and prospective employees. There is more information about employment on the pages for each degree program.
Professional societies are our link to engineers and engineering technologists in the “real world.” These societies are dedicated to helping their members stay current in the fast-paced technical world. They host technical conferences, publish technical material, and provide for the continuing education of the members. You can find out more about our two student chapters at the following links.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

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